You might feel uneasy about listing your home in the colder months, but there are steps you can follow to make listing in winter a success. There are also benefits to selling your home during this season. Keep reading to learn our 3 top tips—and 3 benefits—for your winter property sale. 

Tips For Selling Your Home In Winter

1. Keep your eye on the market

There are many myths surrounding winter home sales: “homes languish on the market”, “homes sell for less than in the spring”, “there are less buyers”, etc. But it’s important to remember context

For example, there may be less buyers, but they tend to be more serious. Homes in spring tend to sell for more, but they’re also usually underpriced.  The only way to be sure about your market position is to know what current conditions are. 

There are always strategies you can follow to maximize your home sale so it sells high and quickly.

Don’t rely on common myths or assumptions that surround selling in the winter—find out for sure. Your realtor will help you analyze the market so you know how to position your listing. 

2. Play up the holiday aesthetic 

Making a great sale in the winter is all about using current conditions to your advantage. Winter season is also holiday season, so if you’re selling in November and December you can play up the holiday atmosphere. Go with features like:

  • outdoor lights
  • wreaths
  • porch decorations
  • garland around staircases and mantels
  • ornaments
  • poinsettias

In January and February you can still make your property feel cozy and appealing to buyers and families. Make your home a welcome retreat from the frigid temperatures so when buyers enter your house, they immediately feel at home: 

  • opt for soft, warm lighting
  • use candles throughout with rich scents like vanilla, cinnamon, or caramel
  • incorporate plenty of blankets, pillows, and rugs
  • make sure the thermostat is set to a cozy temperature  

3. Highlight less noticeable upgrades

Recently improved your home’s insulation? Are your windows and doors newly sealed? Have you just purchased a high-efficiency furnace? Winter is when buyers will appreciate these features most.

Be sure to draw attention to these improvements and make sure potential buyers are aware of them at every viewing. Your realtor will help you choose the most valuable improvements to make.

Benefits Of Winter Home Sales

1. Less competition

Many people think the best time to sell their home is in spring and summer, but if you need to sell in the winter, don’t wait! Sell when you need to. 

The good thing about listing your property during the chilly season is that many homeowners opt to wait, so there is less inventory available. Your home will stand out, especially if you prepare your property correctly. 

2. Serious buyers

House hunters who are out braving blizzards and freezing temperatures need to buy. Winter weather is less than ideal for embarking on a home search, so you can count on the people coming through your open-house and placing offers to be ready—and qualified—to purchase. 

People need to move in every season, it’s all about analyzing the market, understanding your target buyer, and marketing effectively to them. 

3. Less yard work

While shovelling snow and ensuring a clear, safe drive and entryway is a must, there are many exterior maintenance tasks you can avoid with a winter sale. There’s no need to mow or water the lawn and plants, weed gardens, trim trees and hedges, or clean eavestroughs. 

Snowfall can also potentially work in your favour. It tends to add a magical touch to homes in the winter. If your roof and lawn are snow-covered while warm lighting or a fire dance in the interior, you’ll have created a wonderful, welcoming ambiance that will draw buyers in.

Don’t be intimidated by a winter sale. Work with a realtor who can help you take advantage of the season and the market to create a strong listing plan that works for your needs. Selling in winter is all about knowing the facts and being prepared. If you’re selling your home this winter, reach out to Kiani & Co. for market advice and transaction guidance you can trust.